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The Founder of Kenbudokan Karate Do

Shozo Ujita Sensei was born in the village of Minato Kawaguchi, near Wakayama City Japan. He began studying Goju Ryu at Ritsumeikan Univeresity, Kyoto, as a young man. During the summer of 1940 he traveled to Okinawa and trained in the private dojo of Chojun Miyagi Sensei, probably with Jin'an Shinzato. 

During the World War II Ujita Sensei was a military Policeman. After the war he came back to Minato Kawaguchi Village and started teaching the young people karate in his warehouse. The electricity supply after the war was limited, and when the village used its quota all the lights would go out and the students of Ujita Goju Ryu would train outside on the gravel street. 

In 1946 Ujita Sensei moved back to Wakayama City proper, and the Ujita Goju Ryu Dojo started to expand rapidly. His own dojo, the Kenbukan, was opened in Wakayama City in 1946, and he became Mayor of the city in 1966. His dojo was known throughout Japan, and his students earned a reputation for having very strong kumite skills and some of the best kata in Japan. Ujita Sensei was known for his technical version of kata Seipai.













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