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Traditional Training


Kenbudokai Karate-Do is a form of the Goju-Kai style of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do, as taught to the Japanese aristocracy by our founder Shozo Ujita.

Goju-Kai is a unique Japanese style of Karate-Do with the most Chinese influence of all Japanese styles. Kenbudokai is typified by its large circular movements grounded in 45 Kung-Fu systems with influence from the Okinawan Naha-Te martial arts. Kenbudokai is a Japanese rather than an Okinawan style.


Kenbudokai utilizes explosive punches, kicks and strikes. It also utilizes effortless invisible defensive movement.


Kenbudokai follows this philosophy:



Regular correct practice of specific basic techniques

 (blocking, punching, kicking, striking and control techniques)





coupled with Kata

(predetermined patterns of movements and techniques)





and Kumite

 (regulated and freestyle sparring),

 provide the essential elements for dependable self-defense.




Rosson Sensei works for the California Correctional System and is well versed in practical application of Kenbudokai techniques. Specialized training is available through the Kenbudokai that will meet your personal needs.

Competition provides an arena in which to evaluate one's training. Kenbudokai practitioners gain the physical and mental strength to be ranked among the best. Training has many rewards.








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